Warm tea, warm brownies, and everything nice!

Fudge Mix Brownies Family Pack - Bites 'n Brown - Premium Choco Brownies

As we can see, brownies today contain everything imaginable, from chocolate chipsㅡyep, make it double choco!ㅡ to candied coffee beans and everything nice. Well actually, the plain, wonderful chocolate brownie, as we know and love it, already sparks joy for your tummy but, who can resist such tempting toppings like Nutella and friends?

There are many kinds of brownies but long story short, some want a cake-like brownie, while others love a fudge-like brownie. Some like a firm brownie; others want a softer brownie. Some like a crust on a brownie, others do not want a crust. Brownies can have a fudgy taste or a plain chocolate taste. Again some like them one way and some the other. So, we have concluded that people in Bali are more likely to enjoy some firm yet fudgy brownie, and there was how Bites n Brown is here. Ever since brownie only consists of 5 ingredients such as sugar, chocolate, eggs, and flour, we choose the best quality of ingredients, so you can enjoy a mouthful of rich and fudgy brownies!

Oh to enjoy bites of brownies with a warm cup of tea in this sweater weather while Netflix and chill with your significant others are what people ever dreamed of! And always remember that our premium brownies are known for hearty dessert or comfort food since its warmth brings more joy and delightful moments while snacking. A premium choice of chocolate and any other ingredients that we choose to be in the brownies, give you the finger-lickin’-good pleasure. Especially, no preservatives or chemicals that might be harmful to your body.

Snacking with less-guilt is essential! Counting calories and everything in between is so yesterday, it’s time to munch your favorite sweets with healthier options with us since we bake our brownies freshly every day.

So, why not prepare some warm blanket, a cup of tea, and pieces of our brownies to enjoy the upcoming holiday at home?